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     Ocean Kayaking is a wonderful experience for everyone, and is not limited to "experienced paddlers" only.  Many people have the "notion" that Sea Kayaking involves lots of gear, huge waves, and the ability to do an "eskimo roll".  The fact is that we take out hundreds of people each year that have never even been in a canoe, and they have an exciting, trouble free "kayak adventure". 

     The boat that we use most often on our trips is actually an "umiak", or open top kayak. There are many different models of these available, but we believe the ones we use to be the best on the market for open water conditions and  suitable for 99% of our clients (weight being the limiting factor). They can handle 4 to 6 foot seas without any problems and are equally at home on the calm waters of a protected bay or river. Both beginners and experts appreciate their stability and speed.

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     The quintessential Maine Kayak experience. with rugged coastline, kelp beds, sandy beaches and plentiful wildlife, the southern end of Saco Bay provides the perfect opportunity to experience the extreme diversity of the Maine Coast. Once out of the immediate Harbor one gets a feeling of remoteness that is difficult to find in Southern Maine.

     There is plenty of protected water for peaceful kayaking and an abundance of wildlife . Wood Island light, built in the early 1800's is a popular destination, but most prefer the longer trip to Beach island just south of East Point where a colony of seals make their summer home. We don't encroach on the seal colony, but observe from a distance with binoculars.
     The "Umiaks " that we use are fast, stable, safe and maneuverable. We supply wetsuit shorts or wetsuit "johns", depending on the weather, and life jackets and recommend that each kayaker wear a bathing suit, bring a wind breaker and, if the weather is cool, something to wear under the windbreaker. Shoes or sandals that you won't mind getting wet are required. Bring along a bottle of water, a light snack, a "sense of adventure" and you're ready to go.

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